Kate al gala G’day USA black tie per premiare Guy Pearce

Kate Winslet ha partecipato al G’day USA black tie con un abito nero e inediti capelli liscissimi. Ha premiato Guy Pearce con il premio “Eccellezza in film e in tv”.
Kate prima di premiare Pearce ha raccontato della sua storica cotta per l’attore, in un divertente discorso riportato dall’Herald Sun.


OSCAR-winner Kate Winslet has admitted to a teenage crush on her Mildred Pierce co-star Guy Pearce.
Winslet charmed the crowd at the G’Day USA gala dinner in Los Angeles today, as she recounted her youthful fantasies about Pearce and his buffed Neighbours character Mike Young.
Winslet, who co-starred with Pearce in the acclaimed mini-series Mildred Pierce, presented the Melbourne-based actor with the Excellence in Film and TV award at the event.
Both Winslet and Pearce have been nominated for Golden Globe awards for their performances in the drama.
”I just found out that as well as being in Neighbours, Guy was also briefly in Home and Away,” Winslet said.
”I did not have teenage crushes, I was not that sort of girl, but there was an exception because I was in love, in love, with Mike.

”I used to fake illness so I could escape school and watch it at 1.25pm and the repeat at 5.30pm.
”So thank God I did not know you were in Home and Away because I would never have got an education.
”In fact I spent most of my teenage years fantasising about what you would be like in real life.
”All those years of fantasising were worth every single second.
”You are an amazing actor, and my life has been enhanced playing Mildred to your Monty.
”I am proud to have worked with you and I am proud to be your friend.”
A humble Pearce, who was accompanied to the black tie gala by his wife Kate Mestitz, said the award was ”a real honour” and gave thanks to fellow actors Hugo Weaving and Russell Crowe, and LA Confidential director Curtis Hanson for their support over the years.
He also thanked Australia’s Aboriginal acting community.
”They have really inspired me in all sorts of ways, they have taught me to look at my own intuition, to listen to my heart, and to really understand who it is that I am, and what it is that I am after,” he said.
Pearce has come into his own in the past two years. His role as King Edward VIII in The King’s Speech was highly acclaimed and he was part of the Animal Kingdom juggernaut.
He recently finished filming two Jack Irish telemovies for the ABC in Australia.
Pearce was one of three Australians honoured at the G’Day USA gala, with the others being Australian basketball legend Luc Longley and hit making group Air Supply.
The event attracted a strong showing of high profile guests including John Travolta, new Qantas ambassador Miranda Kerr, Paul Hogan, Delta Goodrem, John Voight, Teresa Palmer, Yvonne Strahovski, Simon Baker, Jacki Weaver, Philip Noyce, Jamie Durie and Iva Davies.
G’Day USA showcases Australian achievements in business, entertainment and tourism in the USA.
The G’Day USA black tie gala has been held for the past nine years.
Kate al gala G’day USA black tie per premiare Guy Pearce

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