21 cose che forse non sapete su Kate Winslet

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21 cose che forse non sapete su Kate Winslet: le piacerebbe vivere in Nuova Zelanda e nella vita privata è sempre terribilmente in ritardo!


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Like what is absolutely the first thing she does every morning…. (And the fact that she’s never on time!)
The movie star turns 40 today and spills the beans on her life away from the screen…

Your worst flaw… “I am absolutely never on time for anything. It makes my husband nuts!”
Something you like doing away from work… “I love being with my children. Hiking with my little family. Being out in nature with the people I love the most in the world really does make me incredibly happy. I love to windsurf, to spend time near the beach. I love to cook, and I love to go on adventures. Trying something new, and doing something each day that scares me.”
A country you could live in… “New Zealand.”
You love listening to… “Anything that makes my kids think I am cool!” 
Your personality is… “Energetic, enthusiastic, real, loud, passionate, loving, and fun!”
If you could change something in the world… “It would be fertility for all. I wish it wasn’t so hard for some people to be able to conceive a baby.”
A crazy dream… “I wish I could fly.”
A cocktail dress on a night out or a pair of jeans and a comfy jumper at home? “Jeans and a comfy jumper at home! Any day.”

Best red carpet look “Now that’s a tricky one. I have had some red carpet looks that I have really loved, and some that I have absolutely loathed too! We don’t always get it right! At the Golden Globes 2009, I loved the simplicity of the black dress I was wearing, my make up was just the right amount, with lovely dramatic eyes which I always really enjoy. And my hair was simple and elegant.”

On age… “I think the main thing is that I feel unconditionally happy. I don’t worry about much these days. I have learned that life is so precious and I truly do try and make the most of every day. I felt terrible pressure and public judgement when I was in my 20s and it took a great deal of courage to overcome the unkind comments or hurtful perceptions of others. In my 30s all of my concerns in that area, have steadily evaporated. And now that I am 40, I feel positively liberated!”
Morning or Night? “I am a morning person. I think you have to be when you have a small child. It is nice on weekends when we can all be a bit lazy and no one gets out of their pyjamas until later in the morning! The first thing I do in the morning is go and put the kettle on.”
Make-up should be… “Accessible, available, and most of all fun.”
A beauty faux pas “I have experienced many…some are simply unmentionable. I do remember attending a film festival many years ago, and deciding that I would do my own make-up. It was an absolute disaster, especially as I had decided I would do a smudgy black eye. I looked like a panda who had collided with a bottle of gin!”
Favourite beauty range “I do love Lancôme’s Rénergie Yeux. For the simple reason that it works and that little pot lasts forever! I am always amazed to find that the same little pot will travel the world with me and still have something left in the bottom after a good couple of months of daily use.”
Go-to skin ritual “I always wash my face after taking a shower, even though I cleaned it under the shower anyway. I like to use a gentle cleanser, and just splash it away with cold water. I would then use something gentle like Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique, or even Visionnaire in the T-zone area first thing in the morning. Plus a good moisturiser all over immediately, following the serum. And then if I am wearing make-up that day, I would generally apply it quite soon after applying a serum. The make-up seems to hold better that way.”
Home secret “I like to keep a window open in the room at night for a little bit of breeze. There is nothing like fresh air to keep your skin fresh!”
The quality you most admire in a man… “His ability to take care of himself.”
And in a woman? “Selflessness.”
What do you value most in your friends? “Their consistency in my life.”
Staying sane amid chaos “My life isn’t always beautiful! Sometimes it is incredibly normal, and sometimes it is absolutely exhausting too! Any working mother will tell you that life can sometimes be an almost impossible juggle, in order to keep everyone happy, everyone fed, and staying sane within that is sometimes the biggest challenge of all! I think it is very easy for people to look at the lives of celebrities, or film stars, or models, or successful tennis players for example, and to naturally assume that every aspect of those people’s lives are beautiful. I am lucky…. Having fun, with the people I love the most in the world. My lovely husband, and my three beautiful children. Those people are what make my life beautiful.”
Secret to happiness “I would say, don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. And make the most of every day.”
21 cose che forse non sapete su Kate Winslet

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