Sul set di The Dressmaker con Kate Winslet

Nuova foto promozionale di The Dressmaker:

Winslet worked exclusively with her own costume designer Margot Wilson to bring the fashion to life. “This is the first time I worked with someone brought on [just] to create the costumes for the character I was playing. It was very unique,” she says. The coatdress Winslet wore above was designed to embody Tilly’s couture education and design inspirations. It was modeled off the famous Dior ‘new look’ silhouette, the fashion house, along with Balenciaga, one of Tilly’s biggest influences.
Having worked with costume designer Margot Wilson before on Triple 9, Winslet was overjoyed to collaborate once again. “She’s got a really incredible eye. I just felt thrilled that her ideas really did match up with how I realised I imagined Tilly would look. That sense of incredible simplicity that ultimately made everything she wore look so effortless.”



Sul set di The Dressmaker con Kate Winslet

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