Intervista Daily Mail: Kate Winslet, nessuna dieta

Kate parla dei figli (la superorganizzata Mia, il dolcissimo Joe, l’entusiasta Bear), di dieta e di Steve Jobs.

Winslet’s secret to healthy living? She can’t resist a slice of cake and a glass of rosé 

  • Kate Winslet plays Joanna Hoffman, right-hand woman to late Steve Jobs
  • She forged a close relationship with the real Joanna while researching
  • Relationship between Jobs and his ‘work wife’ was purely platonic

Curvy, blonde and English to the core, Kate Winslet couldn’t be further removed from the character she plays in her new film. 

Joanna Hoffman, right-hand woman to the late Steve Jobs, the mastermind behind Apple Inc whose story is told in the Oscar-tipped movie of the same name, is a tiny, raven-haired, Polish-Armenian American – but Kate was determined to land the role. 
‘They didn’t even send me a script – I had to throw my hat into the ring because I really wanted to be part of it,’ she says. 

Kate Winslet plays Joanna Hoffman, right-hand woman to the late Steve Jobs in her new film



Kate Winslet plays Joanna Hoffman, right-hand woman to the late Steve Jobs in her new film
‘I look nothing like Joanna so I decided to take a photo of myself wearing a short dark wig that my husband had kindly gone out and bought for me that day. I took a selfie and emailed it to Scott Rudin, the producer, with no subject in the subject box. It seems to have done the trick because the next day I was sent a script.’
Kate forged a close relationship with the real Joanna while researching the role. ‘When we first met she hadn’t even read the script, so her first words to me were, “So… how much of me is there in this movie?” I had to say, “I hate to break it to you, but you’re quite strongly featured.” But we worked around it and had a very good time together. She’s funny, warm and unique. Steve Jobs loved her – it’s impossible not to.’
The relationship between Jobs, played in the movie by Michael Fassbender, and the woman known as his ‘work wife’ was a close one. However, Kate is adamant the friendship between them remained purely platonic. 
‘They understood each other, they were kindred spirits in many ways and she was very good friends with him and his family until he passed away [Jobs died of cancer in 2011] – but she also has very strong morals and he was married. Besides, she’s married too [to technology whizz kid Alain Rossmann] and very happily so.’
Kate’s pretty happily married herself these days. She met Ned Rocknroll – who was born Ned Abel Smith, but changed his name by deed poll – in 2011 when she was on holiday on the Caribbean island resort of Necker, owned by Ned’s uncle Richard Branson. 

Actress Kate Winslet and her husband Ned RocknRoll out and about, New York last month



Actress Kate Winslet and her husband Ned RocknRoll out and about, New York last month
The holiday was interrupted when there was a fire at the house where Kate was staying, but sparks of a different sort were flying with Ned and they married in New York a year later. ‘I have a wonderful man in my life,’ she said earlier this year, ‘who’s so incredibly supportive. He’s everything to me. I’m very happy and things are wonderful.’
That same year she and her family moved back to Britain from New York, and now live in an eight-bedroom, 17th-century, Grade II-listed house in West Sussex that backs on to the sea. ‘Living out of London and near the water, with lots of fresh clean air, definitely makes a difference in terms of quality of life,’ she says. 
‘I try to stay healthy but I’m a great believer of everything in moderation, with no faddy foods or strange elimination diets because how boring is that? I’d rather be outside kicking a ball around with my son. Besides, I’m the sort of person who, whenever I say, “Right! I’m not going to eat sugar or drink alcohol for a month,” will immediately go and have a glass of rosé and a slice of cake. 
‘I do drink a lot of water but I think that’s because I feel I should as I spend so much time on planes, which can dehydrate you. I think it’s quite boring – but I do it. Beauty routine? Nothing much. I do try to have the odd facial – I had one yesterday, actually, but it was the first for about eight months, so I’m afraid I’m not very good when it comes to those kinds of things.’
Kate, a star since Titanic hit the big screen back in 1997, has always made it plain her children come first. She’s previously revealed that when she gets stressed her 11-year-old son Joe will offer to relax her by rubbing her feet, but Joe’s counsel, she tells me today, is more than skin-deep. ‘I honestly think he’s my moral compass. I know he’s only young, but he’s this very steady, gentle, wise soul, and if something’s bothering me he’ll say, “Mum, it’s fine, calm down. None of this matters. Have a cup of tea.” If I truly want advice, he’ll say, “Well, let’s talk it through. Tell me what the options are.” And when I’ve explained it, he’ll give me the pros and cons of both sides. He’s a great leveller.’
As well as Joe, from her seven-year marriage to director Sam Mendes, there’s also 15-year-old Mia, daughter from her first marriage to cameraman and director Jim Threapleton, and little Bear Blaze, almost two, son from her current marriage. ‘Mia’s amazing,’ she says. ‘She’s great at forward thinking, she’s very organised and aware of everything around her. Actually, she’d be my dream assistant – not that I’d ask her! – but that’s how efficient she is. And Bear? Well, his father Ned is the most enthusiastic person I’ve ever met in my life, and Bear comes under that bubble too. I watched him run from one side of the room to the other this morning, laughing to himself, he was having a really happy time all by himself. We have the best times together. My kids are what keep me stable and happy.’
Eyebrows have been raised by the fact that, at just 40, Kate’s already been married three times. She makes it plain today she’s not about to discuss her previous two divorces. ‘No one really knows what has happened in my life,’ she said recently. ‘No one knows why my first marriage didn’t last; no one knows why my second didn’t. And I’m proud of those silences.’
She says she tries hard to keep her family life as free from modern technology as possible. ‘We don’t really do computers in our house,’ she says. ‘I think you have to be careful with that stuff with children because they can become addicted, like we all can, and I want my kids to be kids, not computer addicts. My daughter has an iPhone, but she’s only had it for a year, and my son doesn’t even have one. It’s a hard fight sometimes when they say, “But so-and-so has one, why can’t I have one?” I just say, “If you want something to do, go and climb that tree instead.”‘ 
Intervista Daily Mail: Kate Winslet, nessuna dieta

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