Intervista a Kate Winslet: Bafta, Life in pictures

Qui potete ascoltare l’intervista per interno della serata Bafta del 4/12 dedicata a Kate Winslet, a Life in pictures:

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Kate parla di Creature del cielo, Ragione & Sentimento, Titanic, Holy Smoke, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Revolutionary Road, The Reader, Steve Jobs e The Dressmaker.

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Acting Advice

“So much of acting is confidence, and sometimes you have to trick yourself into feeling confident.”

Choosing Roles

“I always want to be terrified and surprised by a role. I want to be challenged by it.”

Working with DiCaprio

“What Leonardo DiCaprio and I experienced with Titanic was pretty identical and we were really there for each other.”

On Her Favourite Performance

Kate Winslet considers her performance as Hanna in The Reader her favourite.

Her Most Exciting Role

Winslet described the intense, unpredictable and thrilling experience of filming Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

On Learning Lines

Winslet summed up her advice for learning lines: Don’t panic, read the script over and over & break the part down into smaller chunks.
Intervista a Kate Winslet: Bafta, Life in pictures

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